#1 Peggy’s Home Care Monterey CA is a Top-rated Company Providing Patient-centered End-of-life Home Care in Monterey, CA

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Summary – Peggy’s Home Care Monterey CA is a highly recommended home care service company providing patient-centered end-of-life home care assistance in Monterey, CA, and its environs. Trust, reliability, and compassion are among its core values. 


Monterey, California – While scary, death is an unfortunate and unavoidable part of life that requires a lot of support, love, and compassion to help every affected individual cope well. While some individuals may be comfortable moving to a retirement home, many, for understandable reasons, prefer more familiar environments and faces during their sunset days. Looking to make this preference a reality for as many people as possible, Peggy’s Home Care Monterey CA provides patient-centered end-of-life home care assistance in Monterey, California, and the surrounding areas. The company is home to experienced and qualified caregivers whose reputation for always going above and beyond for their clients continues to earn them widespread acclaim from patients and their families. 


Keen on providing patients with all-rounded help to make their lives to make their sunset days as comfortable as possible, the company’s employees provide a full range of home care Monterey services. Their specialty areas include but are not limited to personal home care services, companion care, post-surgical assistance, physical disability support, and care for dementia patients. Under personal home care, they can take over everything from personal hygiene services, spiritual & emotional support, meal planning and preparation, cleaning, exercising, mobility support, and supervision. Rather than focusing only on making their clients’ lives easier and more convenient, the company’s caregivers focus on striking meaningful relationships built on kindness, compassion, integrity, trust, and respect. 


Aware that patients’ needs vary from one to the next, Peggy’s Home Care Monterey CA’s end-of-life doulas strive to tailor their services to each one’s unique needs. This personalized attention is one of the reasons why the company has been thrice named winner of the Best of Home Care Provider & Employer in 2020 and 2022. For client convenience, the home care Monterey CA company has intentionally made their hiring process a breeze for all prospective clients. Upon receiving a service request, the company schedules a fact-finding in-home visit to determine each patient’s needs and to develop a custom care plan. Next, the company assigns each client a suitable, compatible caregiver who will see to their every need. 


“The services are incredibly helpful to both my mother and me,” admitted one thankful client about their experience with Peggy’s Home Care Monterey CA. “My mother is bed bound and relies heavily on the services to get things done. I would absolutely recommend them to others. They’ve been amazing so far working with us.” 


While homecare services may be a non-optional requirement for many people living out their final days, Peggy’s Home Care Monterey CA frowns upon exploiting such individuals no matter their needs. The company charges affordable rates transparently without any hidden or surprise charges. A company representative is always reachable at (831) 747-5679 for queries. Visit their website for more information about their services. Peggy’s Home Care is located at 851 Munras Ave, Monterey, California, 93940, USA. 

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